Second Author’s Note

Radical ideas tend to be resisted quite naturally, and mine are no exception. My worries, however, mainly involve the normal challenges associated with communication. Consider for example the job of assembling a standard kit which contains many parts that come packaged in a compact box. Though this assembly might not actually be very difficult, interpreting a set of written instructions which gives detailed directions describing what needs to be done, can still be quite challenging. Similarly my own ideas can also have such complexity, even though they generally do seem quite intuitive in the end.

One way that I’ve chosen to help address this issue is to occasionally use auxiliary discussions for potential consideration. With blue descriptions placed inside ((double parentheses)), a reader may then decide whether or not to consider the associated dark red discussion. By clearly identifying material which may simply be glanced over or perhaps ignored entirely, a valid assessment of my ideas might be attained without investing quite as much. But if a general appreciation does develop, then this material should begin to serve less in the capacity of “complication,” and more the capacity of “clarification.” I do hope to not overly burden anyone during these discussions.

Nevertheless it may still be difficult to keep a larger perspective in mind, and even while considering points which are quite essential. Thus I suggest review of “Chapter 12: A Concise Recap” as needed, and perhaps after this note. A broad overview should generally help various specific arguments become understood.

Also, apparently some have found it helpful to initially begin with “the mind chapters,” which are numbered 7, 8, and 9. Though we each have an intimate understanding of our own conscious realms of existence, unfortunately this concept seems to baffle science even still. But if these chapters do seem to present useful descriptions of what we are, then the proceeding work should also become more relevant.

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